Saturday, February 10, 2007

Distinct Approaches -- Scaer and Marquart (3/6)

Continuing with my observations regarding the distinct opinions of two respected churchmen of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod on the subject of the third use of the law (their papers are referenced in a previous post), my third observation is how each man defines sanctification.
  • Dr. Scaer defines sanctification: "Putting on the new man is the work of Christ (Gospel) and is the real sanctification" (p. 2).
  • Dr. Marquart defines sanctification by equating it with the Third Use (p. 1) and as "our lives are holy only as they conform to the revealed will of God, in other words, to the third use of the law" (p. 3)
One sees sanctification as who and whose you are; the other views sanctification by what you do.

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