Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ow! That Hurts!

What do you do when you are hit in the face by a two by four? You react in pain because you cannot help but feel the hurt. Such is the case in regard to an on-going discussion concerning sanctification and the third use of the law.

I have sensed over the past few years a growing division within confessional Lutheranism and trying to figure out where it was coming from. At the 2005 Concordia Theological Seminary Symposium, I got my whack in the face and realized what the key divisive issue was. After hearing the presentations by Dr. David Scaer and Dr. Kurt Marquart, it was apparent that sanctification and the third use of the law were among the key divisive issues. As a Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, graduate, I was not aware that these two highly respected churchmen had such distinct opinions on the third use of the law.

Since then Ihave felt the pain, as I have seen men and women whom I greatly respect dividing themselves up between these two starkly contrasting positions. Some may argue that the differences are largely semantics, but I see essential differences which must be addressed.


Paul T. McCain said...

It would be helpful, I believe, if you would, based on what the two papers actually stated, to detail on your blog site precisely where you believe that Scaer and Marquart are so "disinctly" different from one another.

It would be my contention, respectfully offered, that you are imposing on them a "difference" that is in reality a distinction and emphasis that is not contradictory, but complimentary.

I've read both papers and I do not regard either of these men as contradicting one another.

Perhaps it would be helpful if you were to deal very specifically with Marquart's paper, for example, and point out where precisely his quotations of Luther and our Confessions is wrong, out of context, or reveals a serious misunderstanding on his part. Similarly, with David Scaer's paper.

Thanks for considering that. I believe it would be helpful.

Paul T. McCain

Lutheran Enigma said...

It is in the works. It is not the quotes from the confessions that I'm concerned about, but his application of the same.

Paul T. McCain said...

Sounds good Gary. Looking forward to considering your analysis. Blessings, PTM