Sunday, August 12, 2007

Paul Gerhardt Hymnody

This past May my family and I attended the Paul Gerhardt Symposium in St. Catharines, Ontario. It was excellent. The music (all Gerhardt, all the time) was played and sung well. The presentations for the most part were very informative. My one observation about the presenters is that those who indicated that they had been (as children) encouraged (forced) to memorize the Gerhardt hymns seemed to have the greatest insights into the richness of Gerhardt's theology and the depth of his faith.

A number of people commented that so few of Gerhardt's hymns had been translated into English. However, one presenter provided a reference to John Kelly's translation of Gerhardt's

I tried to find a copy of Kelly's work through the internet, but found nothing available for purchase. But through Google Books, I found a complete digital copy of Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs (translated by J. Kelly) as well as Geistliche Lieder by Paul Gerhardt. Also available through Google Books is Paul Gerhardt as a Hymn Writer and His Influence on English Hymnody by Theodore Brown Hewitt. These can can be viewed online or downloaded as in PDF format. For those longing for more Gerhardt, these would be excellent resources.

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ggflor said...

Dear brother,
I checked the link to Kelly's Paul Gerhardt's Spiritual Songs and, even though the book is in the public domain, there is no complete digital copy that can be accessed. Do you by any chance have a full electronic copy of it, and is there a way I could get one?
Thanks for your help.

Rev. Gerson Flor
Immanuel Lutheran Church
Georgetown, Ontario