Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rosie -- The Associate Cat

Our current cat (Athena - the mighty huntress) is going on seven years old. She is a good hunter (of very small to medium-size game). But as we learned from our previous cat (Ashes), even cats can move past their prime and not perform up to expectations and fulfill their office (of keeping the house free of mice and the yard free of rodents). When the gophers were getting closer to the house, we realized Ashes needed help. Athena was added to our household when our previous cat was well past his prime. He was the Cat and Athena was the Associate Cat. Needless to say the Cat and his Associate did not get along. They basically co-existed and tolerated each other's presence in the house and yard. After Ashes' death, Athena assumed the office of Cat.

Well, in a stop-gap effort and to avoid future intrusions by those rodent interlopers, we determined it was time to add a new Associate Cat. So yesterday we introduced "Rosie" as the new Associate. Rosie is Athena's niece and from a good hunting family. As Athena fades from her prime, Rosie should be right there to fill the void. The office of Cat will not be empty and those loathesome rodents can remain in fear.

As you would guess, introducing a new Associate has not been easy. Athena now is sulking outside and avoiding the family. Rosie has been trying to introduce herself to Athena, but Athena knows that Rosie is only after her job. Hopefully with time, the Cat and Associate Cat will adjust to each other and become a fearsome duo warding off the forces of rodently evilness.

So with pleasure we introduce Rosie to our friends and family.

PS - Apparently she likes Runescape.


Rachel said...

Has she adjusted to the house and begun ansjm

assisting in typing?bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

(post co-written by Hero)zxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane said...

Oooh, she's cute! :)

We know all about those kitty rivalries.

Susan said...

Rachel, it took Andrew FIVE MINUTES of backspacking to get rid of Rosie's typing.